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concussion, dementia, ad/hd, autism, ptsd

Everyone, at one time or another, experience mental and physiological issues as a result of injuries or fatigue.  But did you realize that over time seemingly unrelated issues such as stress, anger, depression, bad habits, and small head injuries take a toll on our brains just like our bodies?

Traditional methods of assessing these types of issues can take weeks, months or sometimes years, leaving you frustrated and left with unanswered questions as to why your focus, memory, mood, performance, etc. is deteriorating. Our improved eVox system from Evoke Neuroscience revolutionizes how we deal with brain function measurement by combining multiple modalities including: brain health (EEG), brain processing speed (Evoke Potentials), heart health (EKG), and mental health (neuropsychology).

The eVox assessment is done on site with fast reporting of results and includes ‘real time’ brain performance, neurological reaction times, physical reaction time, decision-making skills, attention and focus, and optional balance and visual-kinesthetic integration measures.

The eVox Brain & Heart Health Assessment Test Measures the following attributes:

Brain Power impacts energy and drive.   Loss of power causes fatigue, disturbed sleep, and diminished libido.

Brain Efficiency determines the Brain’s ability and speed at recognizing and reacting to everyday events.  A decline in efficiency may impair memory, learning, ability to drive a car, perform at work or enjoy life.

Cognitive Capacity represents the total amount of information the brain is capable of retaining at any given time.   Weakened capacity may cause an inability to focus and lead to stress, anxiety and low self esteem.

Heart Rate Variability measurements are linked to anxiety and stress related conditions.  Low HRV is linked to cognitive impairment as well as heart disease.

These clinical reports provide patients and physicians alike the information they need to make informed treatment decisions. Click here for a sample report to see how it can really give you the missing piece of the puzzle.  This report includes a physician summary signed by a Board Certified Physician.

In addition, we are now offering an optional Neurologist Morphology report.  This report is reviewed by a board-certified neurologist to ensure that you get a complete and trustworthy picture. (click here for example)

We also provide Neurofeedback training to retrain your brain to its peak performance.  Click here to see how…